Super Hero Clock underway!!!

2010-05-26 04:26:05 by Jess-The-Dragoon

Hi everybody! Some of you guys out there may not know me but anyways, I'm the person who created Super Hero Clock. Many people who've watched this have been asking if there were a series for it. So here's the answer: YES! There IS going to be a series for it.

Ok this is an older post but anyways, here's an update(added June 11). For more information about Super Hero Clock, go here.

I know it's been quite a while since that first Super Hero Clock movie I uploaded on NG (and the video version on Youtube). This was because I was actually going to build my website( first and then continue doing flash stuff and make a series for Super Hero Clock. And if I'm not mistaken, my site was under construction for about a year and a half. Now, it's finally done!! YAY!!!! The beta version is going to be released this around June 9th.
Now that my website is done, I can finally start making the Super Hero Clock(SHC) series. I hope this is good news for all those SHC fans out there. Well, I guess that's it all.

P.S.: It's been quite a while since I drew something Super Hero Clock-ish so I decided to draw this picture(below).

Time is of the essence

Super Hero Clock underway!!!


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2010-05-26 14:39:51

Well I've been wondering what has happened with that, seems like a good idea, he looks like he should be a part of Marvel and the story seems to be good jugding by the first vid.
Cant wait to watch it :)


2010-05-26 15:16:54

About time!


2010-05-26 20:02:48

Looking forward to it, Super Hero Clock is a great animation!


2010-05-30 22:13:30

YES!!! I still listen to the sound track(Forsaken Neon) at least once a week and remember about this animation every time! Finally we're getting a series! :D Can't wait ><


2010-06-04 10:42:43

hooray :D

i love dthe first video and i hope that the next one will be as good :)


2010-06-06 13:18:28

lady you rule i watched super hero clock and i should tell you that its fuckin awesome and plz make more.I think when the series is done it should be aired on cartoon network or any other channel.


2010-06-07 15:54:52

Wow, it looks like you've gotten better at the artwork.


2010-06-24 16:18:39

Can't wait to seee another super hero clock. If you need any music or any help just ask.


2011-07-29 13:08:19

i cant stop waching it