More Super Hero Clock stuff, Finding Sponsors and Olympics!

2012-07-22 21:38:02 by Jess-The-Dragoon

After about a ton of freelance work and doing other studies about other unrelated stuff, I'm back to working on Super Hero Clock series episode 1. Well the production has been on and off all these time but like a fan said to me: It's better than no progress. Yea that's a good point there. Anyway, this time, I'm gonna make sure I finish a huge part of it.. and I mean a HUGE part of it. More details and updates available at or the facebook page.

Also, regarding this SHC episodes thing, I'm looking for sponsors. I know there's a thing called Kickstarter but unfortunately, the last time I read its FAQ, it's not available for my country. There are also other crowdfunding sites which I could use but then I'd prefer to look into those if the sponsorship thing doesn't really work out. Well back to sponsors, I'm looking for any flash animation (or game) portal websites, or any website or organization or company or service or anyone out there who are willing to sponsor Super Hero Clock(SHC). And Tom, I'd very much like Newgrounds as a sponsor too so please, ...
In a nutshell...

SHC is about a 21-year-old guy named Tick Bender who discovers that he has super powers. He then uses his powers to fight crime and super villains as a mysterious superhero called the Time Hero.

Sponsors will get to have their logos shown within the episode. Where the logo is shown depends on the amount sponsored. The more the sponsor sponsors, the more conspicuously the sponsor's logo will be shown in the episode. So anyone interested to sponsor can drop me a private message here at newgrounds or contact me at my email stated here(doesn't really say it's for sponsors but you can still use that email).

Aaaaand... the Olympics is only a few days away! I'm really psyched about watching it although there's an 8-hour difference between London and my region. I pretty much enjoyed it 4 years ago despite the overly-exaggerated oriental Chinese theme and I hope I would too this year!

Toodle-oo! (O_^)

More Super Hero Clock stuff, Finding Sponsors and Olympics!


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2012-07-23 00:33:06

can't wait


2012-07-23 19:30:11

What do you want from a sponsor?


2012-11-01 17:03:53

If i had the money i would pay you for it. when i win the Euro millions lottery i shall donate 5 million GBP directly to you as this was the first flash i watched and the main one i want to be made into a series on tv! :D

Jess-The-Dragoon responds:

Why thank you! :)