SHC Trailer now on Youtube in HD, Magik Pinball Game and Happy Belated New Year!

2013-01-05 07:48:56 by Jess-The-Dragoon

Yes! Finally the Super Hero Clock Teaser Trailer is up on Youtube in good quality HD video!! And for that, I'd like to thank the MAN of Newgrounds, Tom Fulp and the program genius, Mike Welsh! Without you guys, it would have been hopelessly impossible and I'd be stuck with crappy laggy HD video until I dunno when.
Besides Youtube, I've uploaded the video version here as well so for those who can't view the flash version, you can still watch it in video here. This is the link to the animation. Please don't forget to vote! ;P

But if you prefer to watch it on Youtube...

Also the new layout for the official Super Hero Clock website is now up! Thanks to mah big bro Josh who btw, just released a new flash game.

Pinball Flash: The Magik

I love pinball and it was my specialty when I was a kid but I dunno how to do pinball games. Then Josh decided to make one and I decided to help him with the title screen and logo. If you like pinball as well, be sure the check it out!

Anywho, back to the SHC website, there's gonna be news posts about the SHC series and whatnot. So for more info, just visit However, stuff like character info will still be on the old Aarqee arq pages. I'd most probably be transferring them over later on.

Oh and Happy Belated New Year! 2012 was a mixture of great and crazy. I really hope 2013 would be better year.


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2013-01-05 10:35:41

nice work, eagerly anticipating the first episode


2013-01-05 12:03:44

do you remeber me


2013-01-14 12:51:54

super hero clock looks good, Im looking forward to it!