Jack's Halloween Treats is Contest Finalist! Please Vote!!

2013-01-15 03:24:20 by Jess-The-Dragoon

Jack's Halloween Treats entered The Film Skillet Winter 2012/2013 Animation Contest 2D Animation category and was chosen as one of the finalists! The animation with the most votes will be the winner. The voting session for the winner has begun. Those who would like to vote can do so at the page with the film here:

http://www.filmskillet.com/films/892-jack-s-hall oween-treats

For those who kindly vote, I can't thank you all enough. I will really appreciate it and your kindness will always remain as a great memory for the rest of my life.

Thank you very much.


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2013-01-15 05:44:01

Aaaaaawwwwweeeeeee... I'm going to help you. :)

Jess-The-Dragoon responds:

Thank you so much! =)


2013-01-15 07:34:56

You have to be a member to vote at Filmskillet? Boo!! Really hope you come away a winner on this. It was nice to see that piece again!


2013-01-15 09:16:14

Since your movie was my favorite Halloween flashmovie 2011 (that's what I wrote in my review back then) it's only fair and consequent that I support you now!
Voted. Wish you good luck. Your great storytellin' deserves a price!


2013-01-15 13:56:35

This really indeed was a good animation.
I shall tweet this to spread it around the globe (followers actually) and i shall vote for it too. You really deserved it in my honest opinion.


2013-01-15 15:19:21

cannot wait for super clock