Jack's Halloween Treats! - One more week left!

2013-01-25 20:54:49 by Jess-The-Dragoon

If you haven't read my previous post, one of my animation called "Jack's Halloween Treats" is finalist for Film Skillet Winter 2012/2013 Animation Contest. Voting ends on February 1st so that means there's only one more week left to vote. Watch and vote here:

http://www.filmskillet.com/films/892-jack-s-hall oween-treats

So if you like Jack's Halloween Treats, please vote for it and spread the word. I'd really appreciate your help very much.

Thank you!


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2013-01-25 21:40:55

I'm amazed at the fluidity of your animation in this. Other than the way the door closes at the end, everything in this is just so smooth. I'll totally vote for it. By the way, do you have a way I could contact Chloe's voicactress?

Jess-The-Dragoon responds:

Thanks for watching and voting! You can contact her via newgrounds pm or her facebook.