30 Draw Against Time Videos in a Month, I'm in NG Collabinator and Art Stuff

2013-02-02 05:39:36 by Jess-The-Dragoon

So much for spamming about voting for my animation but lost in the end. *meh* >_>

Anyway, throughout January 2013, I was doing a series of videos to fill my youtube channel. The series of videos is called Draw Against Time.

I planned to do something not spammy, quick, somewhat useful and at the same time challenging so that I don't get bored doing them. So I decided to record myself drawing against time. Just pen, paper and art. No erasing and the videos are uncut throughout the drawing process. I've successfully achieved 30 videos in one month. Here's the entire Draw Against Time playlist. I also accept suggestions to draw for the video series so if you have any suggestions, drop them in the video comments. DON'T MESSAGE THEM TO ME ON NG. I DON'T CHECK NG MESSAGES OFTEN AND I DON'T DRAW PORN!

Also, I'm in the NG Collabinator list so if you wanna collab with me, please check out the list.

I'll be uploading some art stuff these coming days while finishing another animation....


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2013-02-02 08:46:29

Very nice work on the video and the drawing of Amon!
So... to cut to the chase, as it were, how's SHC shaping up? How's the plot/script shaping up?

(Updated ) Jess-The-Dragoon responds:

The plot is coming into place pretty well. :)


2013-02-02 22:24:33

How soon do you think we'll be able to see an episode of SHC? 2 months? 3?
And thanks again for doing my request! Although I think Kurogane's head is a little flatter than the way you drew it. lol


2013-02-06 01:16:37

2 or 3 years