Renga Samurai Flash Game! (Plus walkthrough) KIRE!! ... and art stuff

2013-02-25 09:32:03 by Jess-The-Dragoon

Been busy with a lot of things. Didn't know this year would start like ball launched off by a pin in a pinball box and maintain its momentum. Mah big bwo Josh made a game called Renga Samurai. Personally, I am heavily influenced by Japanese culture and stuff and my personal favorite is the Samurai figure. So I insisted on designing the graphics for this game. Besides, I haven't drawn a samurai in years!

Renga Samurai is a puzzle game where you get to cut bricks (called Renga in Japanese) to fit them into a bunch of random shapes.

EDIT: Walkthrough now available here:

Lastly.... I'll also be TRYING to upload some art here on NG.


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2013-02-25 09:42:45

Nice work! :)


2013-02-25 15:50:44

Great game you've made!


2013-02-25 15:50:54

Great game you've made!