Background Art Series - Enchanted Woods, Online Animation Club idea and SHC News!

2013-03-30 04:51:18 by Jess-The-Dragoon

And......... for the final art of of the Background Art Series... I present to you the Enchanted Woods at Sunset!

If you've missed the previous arts of this series, you can check them out here: oon/enchanted-woods oon/peaceful-meadow-at-sunset oon/peaceful-meadow

Welp that's all folks! ;)


So recently I've been thinking about creating an animation club where animators can share their works and info with other animators or people who are interested in animation. Something like an animation community. I'm also thinking that it could also be a place where people can find animators for their projects easily without searching at random places online. Newgrounds doesn't seem to have like a list of NG animators posted anywhere where people who what to find animators on NG can browse and find suitable animators for their projects. I started a thread at the Newgrounds Clubs & Crews forum section for that(since NG is the only site I can think of that allows animation uploads and is also popular) but then it got locked by a moderator. According to him, there's no point for such a club because NG already has an Animation Forum and a Collabinator. But that's just according to his humble opinion. So I thought that if I were to get more opinions/thoughts about this whole Animation Club idea from YOU Newgrounds users, I might be able to decide if it's really something good and practical to setup. Feel free to post your opinions in the comments below. ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

And of course, Super Hero Clock news! This time it's about release dates and casts and more screenshots!
Check it out here!

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Peace out! v O_^


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2013-03-30 05:17:12

Your backgrounds are fantastic!


2013-03-30 05:39:43

That background series was simply a great idea!

If I'm right, an actual list or petition thing was being done (as a type of API) for NG not too long ago... have you checked that out? And no, it's different from the forums.

Jess-The-Dragoon responds:

Really? Could you share a link to that API?


2013-03-30 05:53:01

Surprising to see so many great NG voice artists involved with Super Hero Clock!
Well, there's threads in Audio that are advertisement boards... Yeah, maybe repost in Animation, call it the animation index or something. Auz just meant your efforts would be better categorized in either one of the two areas he suggested. In fact, there may be a thread like that in existence that's a little old... idk, I'm not a BBS regular either.
It's never been easier to browse and select on NG :)


2013-03-30 12:48:13

lovely backgrounds, your skills are getting better and better!