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2013-04-25 23:53:10 by Jess-The-Dragoon

Super Hero Clock animation is coming out really nicely so far. Voices are all already added in. SFX and music are slowly being added in as well. But sadly, I got a freelance job to do and I have to stop working on SHC for at least a month because this freelance project is kinda big. More details about SHC available here: oking-pretty-good-but-not-making-the-end-of-apri l-release.html

Also, if any ANIMATORS who think the Animation Club I've been talking about in my previous posts is a good idea and would like to join, just post to introduce yourself in this thread:

What/how to post is described here:


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2013-04-26 01:26:31

I have just posted something in the Animation Club


2013-04-26 02:44:46

No worries. I don't speak for everyone, but I'm pretty sure we can wait a bit longer. Good luck on the project. ^^


2013-04-26 05:27:07

Clocktastic good luck on your project :)


2013-04-26 14:39:06

Report that iCherri faggot, or something.


2013-04-26 16:18:57

If there was a report button on iCherii-studioz's comment, I would used that outlet to report that prick. I'll see what I can do to help with that situation.

Such behavior is harassment, rather nonconstructive to even take in criticism, and just not okay in anyway.

I wish Jess-the-dragon luck in her current and future endeavors on newgrounds, she really is a gem.


2013-04-26 22:35:07

Nice! I´m really looking forward to how the story and characters develop! Good luck to you!